CONSULO has developed over the years three very successful training sessions and workshops organized and executed by our marketing professionals and / or professional journalists that can be customized according to your needs.
Each workshop and training session focuses on treating the aspects we have identified as being the most problematic by causing confusion over the company’s identity and internal problem-solving mechanisms.

Message Platform Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to assist participants to identify the key issues / ideas / philosophy – vision – mission statements etc of a company and make sure that everyone understands what these are.

Media Training Workshop

The aims of this particular training session are to enable participants to deal with negative or aggressive reporters effectively, learn how to turn negative points to positive ones, proactively deliver corporate objectives and / or key selling points, protect confidential information and still provide a good story, understand how the media work and
strengthen their skills of communicating in simple language.

Crisis & Issues Management Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to train corporate managers and provide them with the necessary tools to handle major crises and respond to any and all the serious issues that could damage corporate, product or personal reputations.