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Consulo is in strategic cooperation with Communication Effect of Greece and through this agreement has access to the Edelman PR International Network. Communication EFFECT, formerly e-Decathlon, has been active in Public Relations since 1999. After seven successful years, in 2006/2007, we believed it was time to enforce our commitment in the development of effective communications and accomplishment of our clients strategic communication objectives. Therefore, we re-launched the company with its current brand name with focus on quality and client service.
Communication EFFECT services focus in helping our clients to develop and grow their business, to protect their soft assets including Human Resources so that they can achieve substantial growth at national or international level. We help them to do this through the power of communications. Communication EFFECT is a Greek expert in new communication methods and exploits innovative techniques and «state-of-the-art» tools. We offer a full range of communication services from Corporate Communications to Consumer PR, Events Management as well as Public Affairs, Issues & Crisis Management. For some clients, we also provide services in Relationship και Interactive Marketing, creating the whole strategy for «through the line» marketing services.
Our clients are leading Greek and international companies, such as ShellBeiersdorf Hellas S.A. (NIVEA)Vodafone,OTENETViohalko Group, Greek Aluminium Association etc.
Communication EFFECT is the exclusive Greek affiliate of Edelman.

Edelman PR

Edelman’s profile as global communications leader is impressive.  With 51 offices all over the world and more than3,200 employees it is the largest, independent Public Relations network worldwide. Many of the largest global brands are its clients.
The new decade started with three big distinctions for Edelman:  “Agency of the Decade”, by Holmes Report, “Top PR Firm of the Decade”, by Advertising Age’s evaluation and “PR Agency of the year 2009”, by PR Week.

Edelman’s innovative and effective services have been recognised continuously over the last years:
Best PR Agency in 2005” Advertising Age, «2005 Pan-European Agency of the year» The Holmes Report, »Big Apple Award» PR Society of America in New York for Dove campaign, «2005 Asian Network of the year» Runner Up by PR Week Asia, «Marketing Communication Campaign» PR News Platinum Awards 2006, «2006 Editor’s Choice«PR Week US, «Golden World Awards» International Public Relations Association, «2007 Gold SABRE Winners» The Holmes Report, “Large Agency of the Year 2008” PR Week.


Integrated Strategic Communications

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Don’t Just do it, Do it Well!

What do we do?


Strategic Planning
Corporate Communications
Product Communications
Public Relations
Graphic Design
Web Design and Development
Crisis Management & Crisis Training & Preparedness
Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes (CSR)
Event Management
Sports Management
Media Relations
Internal Communications
Media Trainings

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communications is the nucleus of a company it can drive profitability, growth and market share, regardless of the size of the enterprise or the type of industry.

If a company manages well operations, finance, administration, technology, human resources and other facets of its lifecycle and omits to strategically communicate it then its on a one way to closure.

Globalization has transformed business, constant change and transition, leadership challenges, evolving technologies, and global markets are unpredictable, fast-paced and unforgiving.

Consulo provides strategic counsel, expert guidance and implementation support on all critical communications issues. Our team of professionals helps clients understand, enhance and manage the perceptions of their company in the eyes of their critical audiences:

Shareholders and the investment community

The company’s senior management team and Board
The company’s employees, at every level

The media and, by extension, the public.

We help our clients accomplish these tasks by delivering measurable business results. Our approach begins with a careful identification and analysis of a company’s key constituents, their perceptions of the company, their behaviors that result from those perceptions, and the drivers of information that will improve those perceptions.

Crisis Management & Crisis Training & Preparedness

News reports announcing that another company has stumbled into a crisis seems as regular as the tide. Every company must be on constant alert and prepared to respond to any and all potential crises, that could damage corporate, product or personal reputations

Consulo can prepare clients both to avoid and manage a crisis. Our main goal is to recognize, contain, resolve and profit from a crisis. We work alongside management when customers, consumers, employees, investors, stakeholders, regulators and governmental bodies are all demanding immediate answers and action. Our experience in this field extends from product failure to fraud and check, from strikes and litigation to difficult restructuring, from product tampering to campaigns by activist groups and boycotts

CSR is a business philosophy that stresses the need for corporations to conduct themselves in such a way as to communicate a socially responsible manner, as well as develop and maintain best possible relationships in the community they operate. In today’s corporate world, a solid CSR policy is a prerequisite for company accreditations like EFQM. Ideally such attitudes and behaviour keep in “check environmentalists, pressure groups and the media. In today’s global society CSR activities are very much a business necessity and not an optional extra.

Consulo’s experience in this specialized field extends to prepare and program CSR strategies for its clients, in every possible field of business

Event Management

We help organizations to achieve their desired business results by producing multi-media materials and coordinating a wide range of corporate events such as: product launches, anniversary celebrations and business conferences.

Sports Management

Exploiting sponsorship opportunities heightens public awareness while transmitting key messages. We understand the importance of creating a strong sponsorship vehicle and have extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and leveraging sponsorships

Consulo places media relations strategy at the core of every integrated communications program. Our main goal is to provide measurable business results to our clients. We leverage a vast network of long-term media relationships when assisting clients who must communicate to reporters, editors and producers in

Internal Communications

Every company must communicate its philosophy internally, to stakeholders and employees in order to maintain credibility and loyalty. A healthy internal communication should clarify company strategy, mission and vision to all employees.

When an organization faces changes, whether organizational structure, within its marketplace or technological, it is confronted with a number of significant unknowns. What is guaranteed however is a high-impact change. Therefore, the company must simultaneously communicate with both stakeholders and employees to maintain credibility. These two groups are at the forefront of change and its smooth implementation. Thus, a company must carefully direct consistent and credible communications to employees based upon a thorough understanding of its current perception base.

At Consulo we offer comprehensive training programmes. Moreover, they are unique because there are never two clients with the same requirements. We focus on content, based on a thorough understanding of participant’s business issues.

That carefully managed perceptions lead to concrete business results, is common knowledge. Less understood is how this takes place. Consulo believes that articulate individual communicators form the cornerstone of any communications program. To help clients develop and deliver powerful, precise messages, Consulo’s team offers a variety of training programs that emphasise the importance of clear and unambiguous speech. Furthermore we help guide company spokespersons to develop non-verbal skills, to ensure the appropriate messages are being delivered during media interviews, presentations and other interpersonal situations.