Consulo has a team of Communication consultants that can craft your company’s Communication Strategy, identify your company’s communication needs, fine-tune your communication messages and target them to your target audience through the use of appropriate media.

Our basic Strategic communication Services include:

  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative research in order to identify the communication needs of your company through the use of a partnered market research agency.
  • Providing consultation on the conceptualization of a communication strategy and the planning of the communication implementation agenda.
  • Composition of a communication plan.
  • Providing consultation on your existing advertising campaigns; how they work, why they may not, how they can be improved etc.

Consulting by our team will enable you to gain:

  • Stronger insights into your industry, clients, competitors, issues, and communications environment so that you know precisely how to market your brand.
  • Information about how specific target audiences and stakeholders respond to messages in order to tailor your communication so that you can get long-term results.
  • Learn which information channels reach your target audience(s) most effectively so that you can get more from your communications budget.