Cyprus Green Party

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Using Isidoros Kolota’s extensive knowledge of the political scene both in Cyprus and Greece, Consulo throughout the years has successfully drafted and implemented a series of political campaigns for both Parliamentary and Local Government candidates. In the 2011 Parliamentary Election, Consulo was selected as the only Cypriot company to draft and implement a fully integrated Communication Campaign for a political party, namely the Cyprus Green Party “Κίνημα Οικολόγων Περιβαλλοντιστών”.  All other political forces of the island chose to cooperate with communication teams from abroad.

The campaign included – Integrated Communication Strategy – Rebranding – Campaign and advertising Slogans – Visuals for print Media – TV Adverts – Radio Adverts – Flyers, Invitations for events – Full event Management, organising and implementing a series of congresses culminating to the celebrational concert with known Greek singer Vasilis Lekas – Effective Communication Training on a mass and private level – and last but not least a large scale online and social networking campaign after training a large number of party members and candidates in the effective use of facebook.

We began by establishing what the current perceptions were for the movement through a series of focus groups implemented by Symmetron Research to the chosen target group of potential voters. We then drafted a full strategy of how to influence and reach those voters to support the Cyprus Green Party. After 9 months of pre-election campaign the movement was triumphantly re-elected to the Cypriot Parliament with a percentage rise from the 2006 elections of almost half percent.

Although small the re-election was considered as a great victory since it is for the first time in the parliamentary elections that a small party is re-elected for a 3rd tenure. Usually in Cyprus small parties experience the lifespan of a shooting star (the record of a small party to be re-elected is maximum 2 tenures).

Furthermore vis a vis to the fact that Cyprus has experienced the unprecedented abstention from the election process of 21%, (more than 100 thousand voters) which resulted to all other small parties experiencing percentage shrinkage, this campaign of limited budget, proved itself to be accepted by the audience and effective.



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