Working with your key executives we will identify your key messages and select & buy time/space in the ideal media that will carry them most effectively to your target audiences. The media time bought will be presented in a timely plan for you to follow the progress of your media exposure and evaluate its efficiency.

Effective media planning is essential to successful advertising, creating a context and platform that will provide the greatest degree of impact for your marketing messages. By using the understanding of the way in which traditional and new interactive media can be used, the Consulo Advertising and Media Planning team will consider the best available methods for you to reach your target audience. All this will be done within considerations of your needs and budget constraints.

Our basic Advertising / Media Planning & Buying Services include:

  • Evaluation of available media/market research to help define your target audiences and how to best reach them.
  • Conceptualization and realization of advertisements and advertising campaigns.
  • Negotiation of advertising rates.
  • Composition of Media Plan.
  • Coordination of promotional activities/events around your advertising schedule.
  • Handling all billing and invoicing of advertising and promotional activities.

Through a set Media Plan you will be able to implement an effective mix of communications that will reach your audience in the most appropriate and efficient way. By recognizing the communication needs of your company, you will be able to keep up with and recognize new advertising opportunities.